Who is Law School Ninja?

My name is Jill and Im a 3L at Texas Tech School of Law in Lubbock, Texas. Im also a mom to a dancing Ninja Kid, a Maltese Ninja Dog, and a

Grumpy Ninja Cat. Together we have one big Happy Ninja Family. I spend many of my days with my head in a book (fiction in the summer!!) and my nights with my head on a pillow (though not for nearly long enough with the pillow). If you really want to stalk me, you can check out my Tumblog,

The Circuitous Route. Its where I post pictures, videos, and other personal stuff, plus stuff that I find on these magnificent interwebz that I want to share with the world. Including you.

Do you like to hear from your multitude of fans?

Of course I do! I appreciate questions, comments, and suggestions for the blog and for my life in general. E-mail me at masterninja(at)law-school-ninja(dot)com or click CONTACT above.

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